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Lyra Heartstrings Graffiti by ShinodaGE

I see Shinoda's art as something that really shows the world that the brony community is no longer a fandom on the internet. It has evolved into an art form that you don't have to look for on the internet. Thats what I like about street art, it says to the public "I am here, this is who I am". Our art has emerged from the internet wilderness and is now being projected on the walls.

Lyra has hands! Oldie but a goodie joke.

I originally thought that you were using spray paint, not paint and brushes. Im still blown away by how crisp the lines are and how color scheme is perfect. Well done.

Like I said before, art like this is leading our community (artistically) out of the message boards and pony blogs and into the rest of the world.

Buck yeah ponies.
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